The Final Flight – Part 3

I didn't know what to do. Should I be a good citizen and take the matter to the police or be a good human and save the girl ? But then these were insane people who wouldn't think even once before slaining me to one of their deities. I couldn't ask help from my predatory... Continue Reading →

The Final Flight – Part 2

I was unable to fathom what I had just seen. At home, the drama unfolded again but this time I did not resist. The asshole just unzipped and began his routine: only this time he failed to assault my soul. I had become stunned. The entire scene refused to leave my mind. The girl pinned... Continue Reading →

The Final Flight – Part 1

Everyday is a nightmare for me at work as I hurriedly enter the cabin only to listen to a swarm of not so good adjectives being hurled at me mercilessly by my boss while I still struggle with my unkempt hair and bruises on my lips that give me agony every time I try to... Continue Reading →

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