Mediocrity – The Spreading Poison

Coming from a lower middle class set up, I had no clue about a lot of aspects with respect to education, career opportunities, innovation, technology and a host of similar other areas of human development. The result was I ended up being oblivious about a lot of exciting things that went on in the world outside and my only purpose was finish my graduation, get a job and live like that for the rest of my life. Such minuscule goals and ignorance lead to what has become rampant in our society today – Mediocrity.

Is Climate Change leading to an Apocalypse?

The last 30 decades if nothing else have demonstrated how humans cannot take the environment for granted. With the doubling and tripling of carbon dioxide emissions and contamination of land, sea and air, even the lifetime of our planet is diminishing at a faster rate. If some calculations and research are to be believed, our Earth will soon be facing an Apocalypse by 2050 if we are to continue with our unsustainable form of development at the cost of our future generations and their well being.

Chernobyl – The Crisis that Saved Russia’s Nuclear Industry

Created and written by Craig Mazin, Chernobyl is a 5-episode mini-series that takes us through the events leading up to the fateful night in April 1986 near Pripyat (a ghost town now) in Northern Ukraine and the after-effects of the incident that were felt as far as Norway. Incredible acting and top-notch direction make the events come to life and through all the 5 episodes, there won't be a moment you won't feel shocked and distressed at this man-made disaster.

Religious Blasphemy

The title of this article looks a bit provoking but it is true. My purpose here is not to pin point faults in our brothers and sisters but it’s just to show them the mirror that they carry with them, but never think of looking into it. Religion is a very complicated matter and we... Continue Reading →

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