The Final Flight – Part 1

Everyday is a nightmare for me at work as I hurriedly enter the cabin only to listen to a swarm of not so good adjectives being hurled at me mercilessly by my boss while I still struggle with my unkempt hair and bruises on my lips that give me agony every time I try to... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Indian Democracy

India is considered to be the strongest democracy and it has lived upto several expectations since decades. However, is it still strong or is India going through an unwelcome reformation that can have disastrous repercussions?

Mediocrity – The Spreading Poison

Coming from a lower middle class set up, I had no clue about a lot of aspects with respect to education, career opportunities, innovation, technology and a host of similar other areas of human development. The result was I ended up being oblivious about a lot of exciting things that went on in the world outside and my only purpose was finish my graduation, get a job and live like that for the rest of my life. Such minuscule goals and ignorance lead to what has become rampant in our society today – Mediocrity.

The Garbage Trap

IT IS THE DUTY OF THE STATE TO RAISE THE NUTRITIONAL AND LIVING STANDARD OF THE PEOPLE AND TO IMPROVE PUBLIC HEALTH. Article 47, Clause 4- Directive Principles of State Policy, Constituent of Free India The above-mentioned clause is just a part of the Directive principles and therefore not justiciable in the Court of Law.... Continue Reading →

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