Drowning in Glory

Come Join me My Love Let's fly with our wings of ecstasy  Let's lie down wrapped in the solace of each other Let's swim in the sea of passion flowing from our eyes Let's feel the bare fabric of our skin stitched with threads of pain and scars Lets stroll the Labrynth of our minds... Continue Reading →

Slivering Mind

Sitting in a quiet corner, I ponder upon my thoughts; I see a loop of hopelessness passing through the window. Amidst all the monotony and routine what seems new is myself. The age old wooden roof visible to me now resembles the constant suppression my mind and heart are going through. The windows tell a... Continue Reading →

Our Frivolous Existence

As I sit in the crowded compartments of the local trains, I experience the early morning breeze and damp ambiance engulfed in the greenery around my town. This morning is very different and as I am dreaming with the ear phones in my ears, I land up in a world far away from my material... Continue Reading →


Childhood, the time when you and me were innocent and tender, is the most wonderful time in the life of every person. As we grow, we keep collecting memories from our childhood and store them in the safest place on earth, our heart. I too have a treasure in my heart which I keep looking... Continue Reading →


The wilderness of life is a testament to the incessant suffering of human existence. Caught in the wild is the turbulence of the mind travelling through different roads and in great hopes of reaching its true destination. As we set out on this expedition we meet a number of friends and foes who persuade us... Continue Reading →

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