Night At The New House

I was 10 when we shifted to this new building on the outskirts. It looked more like a dilapidated one as it was partially complete. The first time I visited it with my father I could feel an eeriness but my complaints fell on deaf ears.

Echo of the Heart

To be upset is an emotion, it goes awayBut what do you do when you start feeling hopelessWhen you find youself falling deeper and deeper in a pit The noises of everyone around getting bleaker and bleakerYour senses grappling to find sense with your surrounding Monotony then hides the rainbows of lifeYou seem to cry... Continue Reading →

How to get Rid of Nausea During Pregnancy

Being a mother is the purest feeling in the world. But the nine months towards its preparation are not easy. Nausea affects almost two thirds of all pregnant women in the first trimester. But do not let it come in the way of your bonding. Here are simple home remedies and advice for all pregnant women struggling with morning sickness, in other words, nausea.

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