I am an artist, I am a writer, I am a strategist and now I want to be a scientist too! Coffee on the table, book in hand, a gargantuan ocean of ideas in my mind, splendid flow of fascinating content on paper; yes that’s what I am. But do I want to stop there? No! I want to swirl myself in the scientist’s universe and watch myself prepare comprehensive reports, turn conversion rates, learn marketing automation, optimise SEO, champion analytics and revolutionise digital data.

And this is exactly what I wish to achieve with this blog. This is a platform where I would unite my creative juices with business intelligence to produce powerful content. Consider this as my laboratory to learn all that exists about Content Creation and Content Marketing.

At the basic level, this blog comprisies my own experiences, opinions and observations encompassing all that exists on earth, in the sea, and things beyond our human understanding. Find everything from philosophical debates to articles on current top topics all at one place. Let’s dive into my world!

Welcome home!