Lucifer Review: Predictable Yet Entertaining

Lucifer, the Netflix Original Series, gave us a lot of answers about God and his mysterious ways in Lucifer Season 5 Part 2, but was downright predictable about the climax. If you don’t want any spoilers, please stop reading right now! The others can go ahead and join me in complaining.

Everyone’s favorite devil in town, Lucifer (Tom Ellis), is sexy, intimidating and most of the times annoying. While I don’t have a problem with his illegal fancy life at LUX, the creators could have avoided raising him to the level of God, quite literally. But the negative aspects aside, Lucifer has been quite a roller coaster of emotions. It was different in the sense that it reminded me of unique works like Ghoul, a horror set in a dystopian period or Sacred Games, a drama that will take the world into a dystopian period. The premise was fresh, different and struck a chord with grey characters like me. Lucifer’s constant internal struggle, his guilt, his unusual ways to do justice, his selfless love for Chloe (Lauren German), the crime solving, Lucifer’s banter with my favorite angel Amenadiel, all of Lucifer’s quirks; the series is definitely a complete package. However, something about Season 5 Part 2 did not quite click with me. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Chloe’s Constant Breakdown

For god’s sake, you are a law enforcement personnel. Chloe’s constant meltdown in front of Lucifer was a tad insulting to her character. She has always been a fighter and a strong willed woman. However, her sudden Cindrella syndrome just proved to be unnatural.

2. Dan’s Death

Why o why was this needed? Dan (Kevin Alejandro) had such a beautiful character arc and just when we thought he might end up with someone deserving; he is taken away. Dan’s death in Season 5 has to be one of the saddest Lucifer episodes.

3. Lucifer as God

Lucifer’s sudden obsession to become God, the entity he hated his whole life, was something that didn’t quite click his personality. That he would leave LUX, Chloe and Los Angeles was definitely against his character.

4. Amenadiel’s Change of Plans

So the righteous angel and God’s favourite son backsout from the one task that was designed for him considering he is the sanest. But no! Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) trusts his impulsive man-child sibling to take over the big promotion. And all this just so that he could spend time with his mortal wife and kid.

5. Mazikeen’s Soul Search

Mazikeen’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) character has always been confusing as she never really knows what she wants. She is shown all sad and upset till the time she gets a soul. How on Earth is she able to feel sorrow without a soul? And later when she gets it, she doesn’t put it to any noteworthy use; rather gets crankier.

6. God’s Retirement Plan

So the creator (Dennis Haysbert) runs away to another universe without putting a system in place and trusting his egositic sons who for eons have been fighting. And without anyone taking care of this Universe, how is the Earth even existing. Like Lucifer said, ‘Isnt the Earth supposed to collapse or get destroyed?

Though these were some of the parts I did not enjoy, there were quite a lot of scenes that were both emotionally charging as well as aesthetically appealing. For example: The Family Dinner scene. Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 ended on a happy note and there is a lot of excitement amongst the fans as to what special will Lucifer Season 6 offer, now that Lucifer Morningstar has become God.

Catch Lucifer’s all new episodes on Netflix today!

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