The Departure

Sometimes I get scared
Scared of what lies beyond this world of atoms and molecules
Scared of the neverending darkness that will engulf me
Scared of the unknown and haunted by its incessant void

At times like these, I wonder if what we observe
Is just an illusion created by our minds
Or are we puppets dancing to the tunes of someone’s distant dream

What will my soul come across once it leaves my body cold and dry?
Will it decay?
Will it survive?
Will it penetrate new life in a complex combination of a million cells?

Just like a flower blooms only to wither away one day
So does life begin to end someday
The mystery of the other side makes me yearn for my last days.
For once I see the beauty of melancholy unravel in a thousand ways.

Falling into the web slowly and steadily
I long to be one with the all-encompassing force
I die a little each day
But find myself alive
When I shut my eyes to fall deeper and deeper into the empty space

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