My Precious

I thank the heavens for this day

If not for it, my life would be astray

Your birth was destined for our hearts to meet

Winning you was never an easy feat

I still remember the moment of ecstatsy

As your fingers touched every corner of my fantasy

With every new dawn and every last dusk

My soul kept getting intoxicated with you angelic musk

Day by day you keep coming with qualities anew

Countless and infinite, I have found the perfect man in you

Your incessant desire to grow and renew yourself

Keeps me motivated whatever the task ensuring I excel

When with you I love myself more

Having found you is like discovering pearl on the shore

Your smile, your humour, your benevolece are enough to seduce me

Your happiness is the only desire I wish God gives me

On this special day I hope you get your prayers answered

My love will survive amidst all stuggles

Even when we return to being strangers with a past

My love would be flowing like an ocean vast

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