The Prism of Beauty

My eyes piercing through the sharp fire flames

The oculus mirroring the majestic blue-red firestorm
Makes me wonder about the everyday beauty
The primal beauty we have become oblivious to

An abstract concept, Beauty often

Lies in the eyes of the Beholder
Are eyes the only organs privy to this great privilege
Can we not hear, touch, or speak beauty

The everyday sunsets and sunrises that we see
The joyous melody of the birds that are free
A hundred shades of green flaunted by the trees
The colours and patterns wriggling on the umpteen bees
Aren’t these reasons enough to believe nature’s sorcery

Beauty is in the fragrance of the Earth after first rains

It is in the mystical language of the birds

In the harmony of the waves that hit the ocean shore
And in the comfort of your mother’s words

And here you are seeking Beauty in society’s banality

Look no more at life’s superficial pleasures

Look for the beauty within without any measure
For when you embrace your inner gorgeousness
The world will be a prism reflecting beauty in all its fullness

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