A Song for the Nation

Igniting passion in the hearts of many
The bells of freedom were just the beginning
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
The nation soar high with its newfound wings

But the jubilee and celebrations
Had echoes of groans and cries
The cost of Independence was Partition
Paid by the innocents who died

It is our duty to nurture the country
To make it a place where evryone lives without fear
The sacrifices of the thousands
Shouldn’t go in vain coz of our selfish desires

Staying strong through the test of time
We came a long way
Touching new heights in every field
Today the world listens to our every say

Applause reverberates today from every corner
The nation comes together to share their joy
Knowing the day is not far when we will be at the top position

But amidst such glory and veneration
May we not condemn democracy
In the garb of patriotism and jingoism
There are many out there practising hypocrisy

So be on the lookout
And resist becoming blind slaves
Coz this mistake by us
Can lead our country to an early grave

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