Your Savage Love

Tangled in the web of dreams
That you spun with your fake promises
The tentacles of your abhorrent intentions
Make me carry a hundred blood stained crosses

Remniscing the long walks under the moonlight
I lament now with a heavy chest
Like a puff of smoke you vanished
Leaving me drenched in this perpetual quest

Crumpled, crushed, devasted
You leave my heart with infinite creases
Years of trepidation have filled my mind with paranoia
And now I am just shattered pieces

Abusive relationships are our society’s truth. The feeling of drowning in love with no one; not even your partner available to drag you back is suffocating to the extent of death seeming an easier option. Insecurities, paranoia, low self esteem, chronic depression and a thousand other similar melancholic feelings will keep haunting you till you surrender. But to rise from the Ashes of a failed relation like a Phoenix soaring high into the skies is something that is not just inspiring to witness but is magical. If you are someone who is going through this volcano of emotions, I would like to reassure that it is not the end of the world. In the end it is your life and yours alone and no one has to power to shape it but you. Speaking from experience, you will be born again once you cross over this burning furnace for once and all.

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