Stuck in a Labyrinth

Like a candle’s fluttering flame
My lips tremble at the sound of my own name
My memories are living their last days
And an endless void engulfs me in a thousand ways
Every bright morning and a lovely lit night
Set the furnace of my dream web alight
The past is no longer left behind
As my nostalgia comes to life
Innocent childhood then tramples
Upon blossoming teenage nights
The present seems to be in the past
And the past in present leaves me aghast
I relieve the passion of my first kiss
And feel the tender toes of the kid I miss
More and more distant I go from the world I know
Embracing the reality I created to get away from my eternal woes
Names are forgotten and faces I can’t recall
Frustrated I go beserk hitting the imaginary wall
Everything turns into a big maze, a reality I cannot sink in
In the end I find myself stuck in a cursed labyrinth

Humans strive to make good memories out of everything. Sometimes they are the only burning light that give us hope to live for another day. But what happens when these lifelong companions suddenly seem to drift away one by one leaving you confused, scared and out of place. What will you do when you suddenly find yourself living a past event and then you forget all that you are witnessing live in front of your eyes. Reality for you is what you see and so it is relative to every individual. What if everyone tries to break your reality bubble and you find yourself not recognising the ones you could have died for. That exactly what is Amnesia all about. Having a family member go through this painstaking ordeal made me put my frustration and pain in words. If you come across someone with this disorder please be kin to them and try to think from their point of view. The world is a bad place but more so when you find your loved ones leaving you one by one. o not let them drift away in search of a sandcastle that never exists.

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