Painful Ecstasy

Looking at my bare skin
Parched wounds in a temporary sleep
Fine lines wriggling on the surface as I move
Flaky chapped epidermis reminiscing its glory days
A certain scintillation passes through my gut

My cold breath fills the air with its heavy aerosols
My scented tresses keep brushing against the corner of my eye
It is then I lay my eyes on this unsung beauty
I touch it, feel its cold metal run through my fingers

Fantasizing the icy metal meet my warmblood
Heightens my senses to an unperceived magnitude
I ready my temple for the ecstasy I have been longing for
Precious oils and rich perfumes adorn my bath

As I feel every inch of my body engaged in deep meditation
Wrapping myself in a towel I lean down for the sacred encounter
As I slit my skin-piercing the metal knife deep inside

The pain of my body merges with its intense agony and affliction
My sins seem to be forgiven, my blood feels pure
But as the metal runs down to my bone, reality seems to dissipate
Renewing myself in mind and body

I pass through the curtains of life into the garden of eternity

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