How to get Rid of Love Handles – For Women

It is true that for most women excess fat around the waistline is embarrassing thus making them uncomfortable. The tyres come out every time you wear that new jeans or look at yourself in the mirror. The bulges that get formed are not at all a happy sight and this affects your overall personality to a great extent. A well toned waistline would go a long way in giving you that enchanted look but for that to happen you need to get rid of these love handles which lie along your abdominal muscles. 

Devote some amount of time out of your busy schedule in order to achieve this fitness goal. A combination of both exercise and a healthy diet would help in getting that chic look. Some of the best methods to be followed are as follows:

  1. Reduce your calorie intake– The first step towards reaching your goal. Reduce your calorie intake as it makes your fats accumulate in certain parts like the belly, your waistline and so on. Adopt a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and avoid all kinds of junk food. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with proteins and vitamins which would help you in cutting down your body fat considerably. 
  2. Cardio– A 30 minute cardio session every day would help in reducing the body fat as it would burn down calories. You can walk, run, jog or do bicycling everyday for half an hour. 
  3. Exercise– Exercise is the key to making those awful love handles vanish in both men and women. 
  1. Leg flutters– This exercise involves certain steps which you need to follow one by one. Lying down on the floor, first get in the right position by raising your head a little and keeping your arms by your side. Now slowly raise you knee and feet above the ground and kick them back and forth. Don’t keep your head down. Keep it in the same position as before. 
  2. Twisting CrunchesThis is slightly different from the regular crunches. You lie down and when you lift your body up to come to the crunch position, you left the right knee and touch your right elbow to it and when you lift your knee you touch it with your left elbow. 
  3. Leg lifts- This is very simple. You just have to lie down on your back and lift your leg up from the ground and hold that position for a few minutes. Repeat with the other leg and continue the session for some time. 
  4. Water– Water is the best remedy for a number of problems and therefore it is the perfect method to get rid of love handles. Drink plenty of water on a regular basis. It is a medicine for most body ailments.

Follow these methods on a daily basis and you will find the bulges around your waistline disappear completely.  You are just a few months away from that perfect svelte figure you have always wanted. 

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