Wanna Get Rid of Blackheads? Read on!

Blackheads have become a common sight as they are affecting more and more people today due to their ever changing lifestyles. Formed due to clogged hair follicles, their surface appears black due to oxidation. But worry not! Here is the good news; blackheads are easier to remove compared to pimples and blemishes. Nose and cheeks are prominent victims attacked by these tiny black bumps. In order to get clear skin free from these blackheads, try some of the following remedies. Certain solutions can make your blackheads vanish overnight.

  1. Tomatoes– It is rather surprising that these simple food items which we find everyday in our homes can work such wonders for our skin and health. Tomatoes, an important part of Indian cuisine is also equally effective in curing those awful looking blackheads. Apply tomato juice on the affected parts and leave it overnight. The antiseptic properties of the tomato would dry up the blackheads thus relieving you from its nuisance.
  2. Lemons– When life gives you lemons, make sure to use them in your beauty routine. Lemon is good for a lot of skin problems as its antioxidants help dry the blackheads thus making them fall from your face eventually leaving it clean and beautiful. However, remember to mix lemon juice with water in order to lower its acidic properties.
  3. Honey-Egg Combo– This deadly combination needs to be applied in the form of a paste on the affected area. After about half an hour, when the paste completely dries, wash your face with lukewarm water and get a clean, glowing and refreshed face in no time.
  4. Baking Soda– A paste made out of baking soda and water needs to be applied on the face. After adequate amount of gentle scrubbing, wash your face with warm water. The bleaching properties of Baking Soda would make your face look bright and in addition free your skin from those ugly blackheads.
  5. Homemade scrub made out of honey and cinnamon– A paste made from these two items will help in removing the dirt trapped inside the skin pores thus removing the blackheads at the end.
  6. Green tea- Apply green tea directly on your face. Its antioxidant properties would remove all the bacteria from your clogged pores and will relieve your face from blackheads. For best results, use it every day as a regular toner.
  7. Common sensical tips– Some things need to be understood through experience but still, here I would like to mention them.
    • Apply minimum make up
    • Use milder forms of scrubs and cleansers
    • Avoid picking or popping any blackheads
    • Avoid touching your face every minute
  • The above solutions if practiced regularly will definitely produce the desired results. Get a blackhead free face and be ready to rock a clear look. These easy to practice homemade remedies are very effective as these are natural and do not involve any kind of chemical interference.
  • All the Best!!!

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