Crawling into the depths of despair

Unaware of the darkness that lay ahead

I kept falling deeper and deeper

Intoxicated by all the words that you said

Like a drug you slowly entered my soul

Leaving me high but with a tinge of pain

You don’t know the harm you did

When you started a painful, endless chain

Glory will be yours and sorrows all mine

When you find the freedom you so long sought

But how will you repay the debts of my passion

You once thought was the most precious thing I got

How can you forget?

The drunken desires getting coloured in more wine

The first touch of serenity

I felt in the abode of your body’s shrine

The same sheath you once caressed

Was peeled and scalded till blood oozed out like bubbles from a can

Your malicious laughter coupled with my screaming pain

Sounded ominous enough to fill dread in any man

From roses to bruises

The journey now seems like a memory

O how I wish I had known before

The sinful nature of your grave treachery

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