The Perils of Indian Democracy

If you are someone who has grown up watching 90’s Bollywood movies, then the recent Unnao happenings would definitely make you nostalgic. The girl, gang-raped in 2017 allegedly by a BJP MLA, his brother, and few other accomplices, is still awaiting justice in the world’s biggest democracy. If that is not enough for us as a country to be put to shame, now even her family is being eliminated beginning with her father’s custodial death in April 2018 followed by the recent truck accident allegedly orchestrated by the MLA from jail owing to his clout in the State.

Twitterati went gaga over the incident with the Opposition showing a mirror to the ruling government asking for reparations. What has contributed to such a sorry state of affairs? Why is there no fear of law in the minds of these predatory parliamentarians? A democracy is for the people but it seems in today’s India, democracy is serving the servants of the country and making the people just a puppet in their hands.

In the recent years, personally, I have witnessed a lot more jingoism and reactionary attitudes from the people around with everyone with an anti government view considered an anti national. This has to stop because it is creating a new form of authoritative government in today’s democratic societies. Be it gradual centralization in all aspects of the society or blatant hypocrisy and communal hatred on the part of the law makers, one cannot function independently as a concerned citizen in such a situation.

The most important lesson we all should learn from the current happenings is that we cannot be fooled by those in power. This blind faith and worship has to stop if we are to remain as democratic and free as our Constitution wants us to be. We as citizens need to make the Government accountable and honest about everything they are asked. Before blindly promoting a particular opinion or fact make sure you have completely gained all understanding about the topic in news.

Another aspect is the Media. The Media should stop being gatekeepers and a mouthpiece of the ruling party. They are the fourth pillar of the society and right now they have the biggest role to play in mobilizing the crowd towards what is true and good for the society as a whole and humanity in particular. The Judiciary has one of the most crucial roles to play i.e. of being the guardian of the Constitution. It needs to keep a check on the activities and intentions of the Legislature and Executive and thereby maintain a moral and exclusive balance between the different Government wings.

I have full trust in my Country, its Constitution and the caretakers of the Constitution i.e. the Judiciary. Hope the country doesn’t become another China overnight. May the force be with us always! 😁

2 thoughts on “The Perils of Indian Democracy

  1. Thanks Veer and good to see people with similar unbiased opinions. I will definitely go through your articles . Thanks again

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