The Entity

As I stepped into the premises of the room

The air brushed my face with its tender touch

Though it was my first visit to the city

Feelings of deja vu were just too much

Like the solitude of a clear moonlit night

Was my heart unstained by the world’s miseries

But a magnetic pull coming from the verandah

Made the whole place seem more like a mystery

Alone and confused, I set out to tour the town

Expecting to unravel the mystery of my house

Constant glares and familiar faces

Filled my heart with a lot of chaos

Unable to comprehend the stares

I get in touch with my father

The moment he hears the name of the town

He realises it is her

The town is my real home

The presence my Mother

Her insanity took her life

The story now gives me a shudder

My face resembled hers

And thats what scared the town folks

Witnessing mother’s chilling death

Made them believe in a spiteful ghost

Yet now I realised

Why my dad never spoke much about her

Now isolated in the big house

I could constantly hear her murmurs

Hysterical yet sobbing on the phone

Father begs me to leave the place

But just then the door opens

And I fall deep inside death’s eternal maze

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