Why Green Tea Works Wonders For Our Skin?

A cup of morning tea works like a stimulant leaving us feeling fresh and energetic all day long. What if this wonderful beverage were to act like a perfect exfoliating mask making your skin glow with radiance? Cant’ believe? Well, Green tea is the wonder herb I am talking about here.

All-Pervasive Existence

With its humble origins in China, Tea, today, is consumed by more than half the globe. Caffeine has a prominent role to play in its widespread fame. Off late, green tea fad is touching new horizons. With umpteen number of articles on the Benefits of Green Tea and the promotion of the same by celebrities on their Instagram accounts, Green tea is becoming an inevitable part of a number of health conscious people’s lives. So what is so special about green tea that makes it a must in every girl’s skin care regime

Decode the Mystery Behind Benefits of Green Tea for Skin?

Its increasing popularity is a result of the flavonoid phytochemicals found in it. These are also known as polyphenols belonging to subtype, catechins. With four main types of catechins including the most important, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), green tea boasts of almost 21% more catechins than black tea. This magical ingredient plays a major role in protecting one’s skin from unwanted changes like ageing, allergies, acne, and inflammation.

The Mechanism Behind its Benefits

The little tea bag, lying unused and many times cursed by us for its awful taste, is an excellent remedy for acne. How? Let’s see. 

The principal causes related to the occurrence of acne breakouts are inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormonal disturbances. What green tea does is it shoots dead all these causes at once leaving your skin smooth and clear. 

The EGCG that we spoke of earlier helps in increasing body’s antioxidant capacity thereby reducing lipid peroxidation. In fact, according to research, EGCG is found to be more effective than vitamins C and E with respect to the antioxidant activity. It is one of the best defenders against ageing. 

As green tea reduces insulin resistance and aids in lowering sugar levels, it is helpful in preventing hormonal acne. In its fight against DHT, the main culprit for acne breakouts, green tea prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT. 

I am sure listening to all the information, you are now ready with your green tea bag and some boiled water. 

How to Include Green Tea in your Beauty Regime

Skin is one of the most delicate and vulnerable parts and therefore extra care is what it deserves. But, cosmetics and their towering prices lower the heads of many. Here are four ways to use green tea as an alternative to expensive skin care products. 

  • 70-100 grams of green tea in about half a liter of water and strain the liquid post an hour. And here you have the perfect medication to treat rashes, blemishes, sunburns and so on. 
  • Prepare an easy-to-make face mask using tea leaves, gram flour (2 tbsp.), milk (1 tbsp) and turmeric. A perfect recipe for those who desire spotless skin and light complexion with breathtaking sparkle.
  • Mixing sugar in green tea water would do wonders in cleansing your skin and also prevent ageing when used on a daily basis. A gentle but thorough exfoliation will leave your skin feeling smooth.
  • To make use of green tea as a toner, just freeze brewed green tea as ice cubes and apply them on your skin. 

Follow any one of the above solutions and voila, you have the skin everyone would envy. Make the maximum use of green tea for your skin and shun all other artificial cosmetics from today. 

Hurry and get Ready to Woo Everyone with your Perfect Skin

There are many benefits of green tea for our skin and it has also proved to help fight a lot of other health issues like weight gain, cholesterol and so on. Nature blesses us in mystical ways and so get up from that seat and get your cup of green tea now for a more beautiful life ahead. 

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