Mediocrity – The Spreading Poison

Coming from a lower middle class set up, I had no clue about a lot of aspects with respect to education, career opportunities, innovation, technology and a host of similar other areas of human development. The result was I ended up being oblivious about a lot of exciting things that went on in the world outside and my only purpose was finish my graduation, get a job and live like that for the rest of my life. Such minuscule goals and ignorance lead to what has become rampant in our society today – Mediocrity.

In our country, the Education system though not a complete failure, is quite backward to say the least. We have syllabus which contributes too little in the person’s actual development. Our children though literate have narrow innovation skills and most of the time do not even think about innovation and excellence at all. The ones with above average intelligence mostly choose another country over India to fulfil their goals. The result being that the number of people with mediocre skills and talent is on the rise.

The principal cause is Education not being up to the mark. Another reason is the focus on having a settled life with a steady source of income which makes people feel research and development or even freelancing on a daily basis is a risky bet. Thirdly, government policies have a direct impact on the development of human capital. Our Government since Independence has always played safe politics thus Incentivising rather than Enabling people to pursue excellence. This is a major plot hole which needs revamping in order to make Indians rise above Mediocrity.

Government policies and Education has to play the most important roles to make Indian society consider innovation and excellence as a must and not an elite group’s right only. Switzerland’s Education system is an example for the continuous success of the country’s economic as well as human development. Rather than a strong focus on finishing basic graduation in a specific Stream, the Education system should include more of skill based and practical learning in the syllabus and cover a wide variety of topics and not just the basic like we do right now. Only when this happens, can a person understand where his actual talents lie. Access to premier colleges needs to be made easier like how Switzerland has structured the same. The education infrastructure needs to focus more on research and development and also help make innovation in areas India needs help. For eg: Agriculture.

Government policies should target not just colleges but excellence at the school level. A greater part of GDP needs to be allotted for Education specific programs like how the Delhi Government had been doing for the last 5 years. The Reservation System needs a serious makeover so that quality is not compromised on. More of improved Vocational Training and Aptitude Tests are required to make people choose the fields wherein they can actually make a difference. Lastly, Parents should encourage developing a Scientific temper and stop influencing their children’s career choices.

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