The Melancholic Downpour

Sitting at the porch contemplating

Tiny droplets brush my skin before falling down

The thunderstorm grows louder with every minute

Lamenting and expressing its emotions with a frown

The engulfing darkness and the pitter patter noise

Is a reflection of my own life

The gloomy surroundings and lonely streets

Providing a picture of my heart’s eternal strife

The forlorn town I live in

Knows no joy but suffering

No amount of love can now

Tug at my heartstrings

Hitting loud on my windowpane

The rains seem to say a story of their own

A final smile dawns on my lips before i am finally gone

3 thoughts on “The Melancholic Downpour

  1. The imagery was absolutely amazing! But don’t lose hope, for it often mystically appears in our darkest hour. The divine rain often pours from the darkest of clouds. Thanks for sharing such intense emotions, according to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊


  2. Thank u so much Sidharth for ur kind words. I love rains its just that i write better about suffering, melancholy and related emotions.. and i would love to read your writings. Would share my views on the same. thanks again

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  3. I’m a dark dreamer myself, sad symphonies come naturally to me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about them. 😊 Thank you for respecting my request. 😁

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