Religious Blasphemy

The title of this article looks a bit provoking but it is true. My purpose here is not to pin point faults in our brothers and sisters but it’s just to show them the mirror that they carry with them, but never think of looking into it. Religion is a very complicated matter and we can debate on it lifelong. There are great philosophers and theologians who have tried to comprehend the essence of true religion. But then, again how should we define ‘true religion’. In a country where there are more than 15 major religions this can become a very difficult and baffling task. Let’s forget getting into these ambiguous talks and discuss religion in the language of the common masses.

The concepts of moksha, salvation, re-incarnation, eternal life etc. can be found in all religions. We spend a lot of time thinking about them. But as living entities, what are we doing? All religions teach a common prayer and that is love for all mankind. How much of this teaching goes into our minds? People go to temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras but behind these sacred places, their bodies are decaying with the germs of hatred, selfishness, jealousy, violence and many more vicious qualities like these. They perform all religious rites and rituals but never show a helping hand to the needy. They observe fast to please their gods but are the ones who would run away when there is injustice in society. They would visit their holy places regularly but in these places would make groups among them and gossip and defame others out of jealousy or anger.

There are so many religious priests and holy men who swear to follow the principles of their gods but end up being diplomatic and similar to the common man. They are considered to be the mediators between god and us. Then how can they behave in this way and encourage blasphemy among people. Thus, they are religious only in their outward appearance but in their hearts and minds they are nothing but shameless spectators enjoying the helplessness of their own people. This is pure blasphemy as people today don’t put these religious teachings in practice.

The major reason behind most of the wars that have happened in the past is religion and god. This doesn’t make sense at all that people fight for something that has always taught them to remain nonviolent and peaceful. We have forgotten the basic ethics and are just joining the bandwagon like monkeys. As rational human beings, when will we understand that god won’t be happy if we put flowers in front of a lifeless stone statue or slain a lamb in front of a structure?

Try to understand what the real teachings are and that God lives in each of us and we just need an eye far from the profanity of the world that would enable us to see that light. Loving each other is the only essence of all religions around the world. I hope that in future at least the messengers of god of this era would understand what true religion is and would make visible efforts in letting their people know of this great truth.

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