Slivering Mind

Sitting in a quiet corner, I ponder upon my thoughts; I see a loop of hopelessness passing through the window. Amidst all the monotony and routine what seems new is myself. The age old wooden roof visible to me now resembles the constant suppression my mind and heart are going through. The windows tell a story of their past and looking at them the outer walls weep in sorrow. I can hear the hues and cries of these painful souls entrapped in these ramparts.

Slowly and steadily, I move towards them and in an effort to console their wretchedness, I stumble upon the many secrets these walls had been hiding since ages. But my void mind cannot comprehend the depth of their pain. I detach myself from these ravenous walls and start looking at the deadpan faces of the most wonderful creation of god. But still, I can’t find my answer. Everything around me symbolizes the monotony of human suffering. I see the birth of a new life when the jewels of the heavenly clouds fall on the face of the tormented leaves on the ground.
But now, to me, birth and death look the same. My heart is getting numb to all these worldly afflictions and human despair. I can feel the heaviness of my soul as it decides to leave my body. I now think about the useless existence of my body but still can feel a kind of contentment to pass into eternal peace. As the moments get more intense, I think about my soul which will now wander in search of another void mind and heart and thus this never ending misery would once again come into being through another worthless mind and heart. As I close my eyes, I see darkness coming all around me and thus I end my final journey and fall asleep for ever.

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