The Perfect Stranger

There lived a girl
for whom happiness never seemed to unfurl
And as hungry beasts pounced on her young flesh
Her tiny might seemed to get vanquished as there appeared a permanent rash
A thousand storms engulfed her melancholic heart when the last sunshine was lost forever in her life
A fluttering butterfly had eventually lost all hopes of eternal triumph
Amidst incessant struggles, poignant dark nights and never ending sleep
Love was lost and her life took an enormous leap
Pure light at long last appeared amidst a stormy weather
When an angel in disguise let her open her caged feathers
The divine meet was destined to come.
As the angel’s presence was to linger in the ages to come
Passion overflowed ever his heart’s brim
Chivalry is all that defined him
He made her live once more and love till eternity
How can she ever repay him; Is the only way to be with him till infinity

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