Our Frivolous Existence

As I sit in the crowded compartments of the local trains, I experience the early morning breeze and damp ambiance engulfed in the greenery around my town. This morning is very different and as I am dreaming with the ear phones in my ears, I land up in a world far away from my material existence. The music is soothing to my ears and I am delighted to see the hearty welcome by these tiny seeds of nature’s magical mechanism. The dark chariots high up in the skies are their creator and they seem to have come to earth with a purpose. How insignificant are we human beings?

The greatest creation in the world, but still so many of us live without a purpose in life. This was not the first time that I felt so vulnerable and experienced void inside my heart. If you just look around and observe these small entities, trying endlessly to mark their existence, we will be ashamed to look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s given in the Holy Scriptures that man is given all the powers to use nature and its constituents suiting their needs. I feel that man does not deserve this divine power as he is just an insignificant soul striving hard to collect possessions that do not really endure and who is held in the vicious circle of power, greed and egocentricity. I don’t know when will we free ourselves from the clutches of human weaknesses and attain salvation. At this point, you might be thinking why am I spoiling your mood on such a serene atmosphere and giving all this ‘gyaan’ without any charges. Believe me; even I hate giving sermons on such a day, but the moment I see the suffering around me, I am forced to dispose all this ‘gyaan’. 

Ok, bye!

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