The Final Seduction

Never had I known the passion inside me till I met u
Your gleaming eyes and naughty smile made all things new
That first touch of your fingers gliding on my bare back
Gave birth to a hundred storms inside my heart where till now emotions lacked

Sweet groans and moans followed and your sweet sour taste filled my senses
Now everyday my two dark gems long for your touch without any fences.
How the lingering ecstasy that fills all my erogenous self when you get inside me
And those loud whispers of our lustful talks intoxicating more than thousand weed.

The adrenaline rushing inside both of us like the fiery rum
Will make sure that we become one forever in all the ages to come
My love for you is beyond all the luxuries of the earth
The ripples of which u will see till my untimely death.

I miss you now I missed u then
and I long for the smell of your sweat, heavenly like the first rains.
Baby keep igniting a new fire in the cradle of my bosom
And injecting in me your unconditional love’s poisonous venom.

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