Melancholy of a Weeping Heart

Scathing words pierce through my heart
Leaving me drenched in rains of scorn
Guided by despair, dejection and loud groans
I find myself lost and forlorn

Oh what a lovely day it was
As I trembled at your constant gaze
Thy words like honey sweetened the ambience
As my heart lay in an unfathomable maze

A new dawn, a new dusk
Weeks, month and years pass as flipping pages
Thou canst gauge the depth of my longing
As I lie down moaning to get freed from your cages

Weary and melancholy
Indifference takes over me
The candle of passion starts extinguishing
Those innocent smiles seem a distant memory

Metamorphosis has hardened
My once innocent heart
Agony follows like a perpetual shadow
To engulf my senses till death sets us apart.

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