I sit alone in the forest
Looking at the trees

Suddenly a drop of water falls on my head
And looking at my replica I freeze.

I ponder, I contemplate, I shiver
But the figure enjoys it.

I look at her and she looks at me.
Our eyes meet

And I ask her, “Who are you?”
But there is no answer but a faint smile.

A smile that has multiple interpretations
A smile that holds thousands of secrets.

We stand still for a long time and then
Comes a slight whisper from the stranger.

I am the good, the bad and the beast
I am the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious.

And I stare at her unable to decipher her words.
Trying hard to comprehend her mysterious existence.

Then suddenly the facsimile seems to faint
And disappears in the dark

Now I am left all alone
I want to know who she was.
I want to know why she came.
I want to know many things

But then, with a small drop in my eye
I accept the fact that she is gone
That, I will never lighten the dark secrets of the forest.

With a hopeless mind and melancholic heart, I go back
I go back to the world from where I had come.
Into the depths of the universe.

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