Going Back In Time

Leaves on the ground and dew on the leaves
We set out together to stroll on the fields

It was the day when my father was with me
I wish those days come back to make me free

Chatting, laughing, we looked at the rabbit in the furrow
Living life with him was fun and there was no sorrow

A quiet man, he was
Never befriended anyone
But for me, he was a different person
And every day he would come up with a good lesson

The one thing, I hated
Was his habit of drinking
That made him  a patient
And his heart was sinking

The attacks he got, made me sit and cry
Losing my father was the biggest fright
But was scared to go to him and pry
Then one day, my life devastated
And I lost my father
Not knowing where he went, unaware of his mental state
We searched for him everywhere

But destiny had made the decision
And I had to accept it with complete devotion

Slipping into the darkness of life
My father was never seen again
His disappearance becoming a mystery
Entertained some others
For some reason, I feel
This incident happened because of me

As I was the culprit and I was the accused
Will God ever forgive me? Is a question I ask myself every day
But this doesn’t matter
The only prayer that I make
Is to beg God to give me back my father,
My guide, my guard, my life!

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