A shameless reaction

An innocent Pakistani actor being asked to go back in the aftermath of the Uri attack.  How logical is this? We all are going through a very sensitive time wherein everyone’s blood is boiling. But can we kill all our common sense, logic and humanity just to take revenge?

The main reason stated by the journalist is that the Pakistani actor did not stand against his country’s terrorists and he is paying taxes to the government of Pakistan with which the latter is funding terrorist activities in India.

Firstly, his income is a result of his own hard work and perseverance. Secondly, his income earned in India is taxed by the Indian government. The most important thing to understand here is how we can expect him to stand up against the atrocities of the militants as an actor. Isn’t it outrageous to demand a common Pakistani citizen to do that?
The culture of nurturing hatred

A lot of mudslinging occurs especially when it is India VS Pakistan. Take for example the cricket matches. It is a gentleman’s sport but still due to herd mentality, many tend to treat it as an event for defaming each other. With all the jokes that target either an individual, the team or the entire country, we tend to behave nastier, offensive and uncouth.  

No doubt, India needs to teach Pakistan a lesson but can this be done only through such violence and negativity towards the innocent Pakistani civilians. No, we need a change in our mentality because else, there is no difference between us and them.

The common man should stop reacting and start responding. Such harsh behaviour and talks will only worsen the already tense situation. We have lost seventeen jawans from our treasure trove. But in future, we have to search for ways so that we do not lose out on more such young hearts.
Understanding the international picture

Beginning a war with Pakistan just for revenge with our hot headed minds is not a great idea because at such times, geopolitics has to be taken into account. In the fight against Pakistan, India will invite the wrath of not just Pakistan but also the Big Daddy in the current geopolitics, China.

China has begun a proxy war with India taking help of Pakistan. Here, the CPEC i.e. the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the main area of interest. The CPEC is a joint project between the two countries and involves infrastructure worth billions through the strategic Karakoram ranges now within POK i.e. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

If India were to get back this area, the Chinese would face major losses and this is not what they want. Therefore a burning Kashmir is essential for the Chinese to implement their strategic projects to build highways. A grand idea exists behind the CPEC that will make China a global power and let it maximise profits even in the event of the other big economises to obstruct it.  

And well, the other nations will not hurry to support India if the latter were to declare war against Pakistan. China rules Pakistan right now and therefore no other country would like to offend China considering its economic and political clout in today’s date. If you think the USA can be an exception here, then you are wrong. China houses a lot of American companies and any war against China will make America face huge economic losses.

Our government is aware of all these facts and this is the reason why an instant reaction is not the right solution. We are to come up with something that will end this India-Pakistan feud forever without inviting the wrath of China.

As citizens of this country, we have all rights to get angry and show resentment towards our neighbouring country’s fanaticism. But this can be done without becoming extremists and contemplating on the practical solution. If nothing else, we can put faith in our establishment, especially the Army for it is they because of whom we continue to sleep in peace every night.

A little bit of compassion, a little bit of patience and a little bit of strategy is all that is needed. 

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