Natural events like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on that cause large-scale destruction are called natural disasters. The recent Chennai deluge which saw the city submerged in knee-deep and neck-deep water was primarily due to the El-Nino effect which led to unusual rains brought by the northeastern winds. However, what we are missing out from the disaster picture is the contribution of the most intelligent animals, human beings, in the emergence of this catastrophe.
All these disasters, also known as acts of God, that occur in today’s age are substantially man-made. Faulty, haphazard development and infrastructure are the primary causes. Our assumed growth and development are causing the destruction of life and property as governments and private entities fail to adopt sustainable models of development.
In the recent Chennai floods, grave issues such as the absence of urban planning, ineffective compliance with written down laws, a lack of enforcement of fire safety mechanisms and an abject failure to provide adequate shelters to the homeless were the principal causes for the deluge.
Faulty infrastructure proves to be the single most major factor. Companies, with the help of the ruling government, manage to multiply their profits while ignoring significant environmental laws like the coastal regulation rules or the urban planning mandates. This results in shaky development models.

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