With so many nations involved and an urgent need to check the growing imbalance observed in Earth’s climate, the UN Framework on Climate Change Convention in Paris is raising hopes everywhere. 
With the failure of the Kyoto Protocol, both the developed nations especially the USA and developing countries like India are clear on their agenda with respect to individual actions on climate change.
According to the Minister of Environment and Forests, Prakash Javadekar, the rich countries should assume their historical responsibility of polluting the environment and help create funds for developing countries by taxing their coal use at the rate of about $4 a tonne. 
The main objective of the COP21 in Paris is to formulate and pass a legally binding agreement on all nations based on fairness and justice. But is this possible with major economies like the USA and India acting according to their own interests. 
With respect to the creation of the fund for poor nations, only $10 billion has been added against the target of $100 billion a year by 2022. The USA seems least interested in this area and also low on confidence in making the agreement legally binding thus hinting on the difficulty of getting such a deal pass through the USA Congress. 
The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions submitted by about 150 nations looks promising but the success of these assurances would depend on the quality of measures taken by these countries. 
Although the world expects an equitable agreement to be produced at the COP21 in Paris, political interests and the willingness to go an extra mile is important. Developed countries should pass on their technology and funds to help developing countries lower their carbon emissions.and they themselves should adopt challenging missions with respect to saving the environment from man-made harm. 
An agreement to keep global warming below 2-degree Celsius is expected but at the COP21, in Le Bourget in Paris, where leaders and Presidents of about 196 countries come together should result in something constructive that will divide responsibilities judiciously. 

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