Childhood, the time when you and me were innocent and tender, is the most wonderful time in the life of every person. As we grow, we keep collecting memories from our childhood and store them in the safest place on earth, our heart.
I too have a treasure in my heart which I keep looking at again and again. One such memory sprung up recently when I was sitting in my advertising class and listening to the boring sessions of a famous ad person. Well, the memory was a bit funny because the brand which I immediately recollected from the bottom of my mind and heart was ‘Paaneri’. This was a sari brand which had become famous during those times and the funniest part was their advertisements that appeared on our cable networks every day. I was a child then and for some peculiar reason I enjoyed the advertisement to the core due to the fancy storyline they had used of the mannequins coming t life at night and trying out all saris in order to look beautiful. Now this was similar to a fairy tale and I too dreamt of becoming a mannequin some day and changing clothes like they do.  I was unable to control myself and started laughing. Don’t ask me what happened next?
The ad class was not the last place where I got the memory of this not so famous sari brand. In the days that followed and till today, I keep getting recurrent thoughts about the ad where eventually I end up contemplating on why I am getting the thought in the first place. But the mind functions on its own and I didn’t have any control on it. As of now, I have stopped contemplating and I just enjoy the vivid images that appear in my mind when I think of the Paaneri ad.

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