Have we really changed so much? Are we so vulnerable? Is technology making us its slave? These are some important questions we need to ask ourselves. In today’s world, mobiles are becoming more essential than even water. It’s becoming the fourth basic necessity. A person not being able to stay far from his or her phone for ten minutes is really an issue of great concern. Technology was developed to improve the life of human beings. However, these days it seems that technology has created us and is governing us.
Mobile phones that were created in order to make long distance communication possible have now become a status symbol. The person who owns the latest and costliest phone is considered to be a person with high social status. He/she is given more respect in the society. From this, we can understand how great the impact of the environment around a person is.
More and more children today want to buy such phones and their greed has gone to a level where some even threaten their family of committing suicide. This kind of pathetic mentality is distressing people all over the globe, specially families where the members find no time to be with each other. They stay together but in reality are very far from each other. Once the institution of family gets shaken, it will take no time for the other societal institutions to fall. So, our first attempt should be to save our family relationships.
The other worth noticing concern is the emerging trend of chat houses that go around in the lives of young people. They have created a virtual world where everything is artificial and fake. Real friends are considered  unnecessary peepers. The value of a body with flesh and blood is reduced to such a stage that people today are afraid of making friends.
Is this the function of technology? Was this the purpose why people cracked their brains to come up with new inventions? Definitely not. But if we do not take immediate steps, the day will come when scientists would lament and curse themselves.
We created technology, technology didn’t create us. So respect yourself.  

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