‘The Dirty Picture’ did a fabulous job at the box office and won countless accolades.  Vidya Balan seems to have given her best performance till date. But, the Censor Board’s reaction was contradictory. The movie had 56 cuts and this is a big number. The Censor Board took this step to keep young children away from this kind of exposure. But aren’t we fooling ourselves by believing in it? 

Apart from television, we have the internet, the DVDs and many other options that are accessible to young India. If not on television, they will definitely make use of these alternatives. Such banning of movies would only instigate the young in becoming curious about the content of the movie. This in turn would lead them to view such films covertly. Aren’t we encouraging deviant behavior through such actions?

 And according to me, ‘The Dirty Picture’ is more or less a decent movie. We have so many telesoaps that openly showcase such scenes. Even they are considered to family viewing programmes. Then why, this discrimination? I feel that instead of banning such sexual scenes, the Censor Board should avoid screening violent content on television. The film ‘Ghajni’ had so many violent scenes but still, it was given a U certificate. Indian laws are very difficult to comprehend but it’s time now for us to voice our opinion regarding such matters.  The Censor Board should rework on its decisions and should take the suggestions of those who are the actual architects of our country. The common man should use his rights in framing regulations that will help our country grow and develop. 

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