The wilderness of life is a testament to the incessant suffering of human existence. Caught in the wild is the turbulence of the mind travelling through different roads and in great hopes of reaching its true destination. As we set out on this expedition we meet a number of friends and foes who persuade us to look at the world the way they see it. Anger, jealousy, indifference, treachery are the companions that we may chose. This decision makes up our basic understanding of the living and non living entities surrounding our planet. But the centre of all human actions and beliefs is that omniscient force and the world calls it “love”. What is love? The answer is not one. Even a hundred definitions and combinations of words won’t be able to define love in all its form. A mother’s warmth, a brother’s hand, a sister’s word, a lover’s touch or even a simple act of humanity speaks the language of this all pervading feeling. But there is something above all this that transforms the overall depth of this eternal sensation. To explain this in words is like counting the number of waves that hit the shore each time the ocean reminds us of its vastness. Tuning in and becoming one with the highest form of the divinity is the essence of true love. Only the self realized soul is able to achieve this as the feeling is devoid of all the human senses and invisible to the narrow vision of ordinary eye. At this stage all the worldly attachments are numbed and the heart sings the glory of the almighty. Love thus encompasses the irrelevance of this materialistic universe and takes us into a spiritual trance. The Sufis are the ones who are under the spell of this mysticism and who strive to experience the god within them. Thus, here the definition of love changes and takes us into a new era altogether.

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