Krishna, the supreme god played his flute to attract the girls carrying water (gopis) in Vrindavan. It is said that the melody that came out of that flute would mesmerize all the gopis in the forest. Did this happen only because Krishna was a god or because music in itself has the power to hypnotize our minds and hearts? I think the second statement makes much sense. Let me give you an example. The other day I was listening to music in my ear phones. It was a song by Enigma, returning to innocence. I had heard it many times before. But suddenly yesterday something happened and I felt like crying after the song got over. My senses were not able to grasp this marvel but there was something that struck the chord in my heart. At that moment I was forced to take out a book and scribble something about the wonderful art of making melody out of a lifeless wooden instrument. The kind of emotions that came to life at that hour were unique and new. I can’t describe but, there was a strange feeling of attaining eternal peace. I forgot my family, my friends, my college and everything. Only I and my bizarre emotions were there at that hour. I had read a lot about Sufi saints who talk about how music helps you to connect yourself to the unconscious and thus makes you one with the one single force that shields the entire universe. This process leads to the complete transformation of the person. In other words, self realization happens and man is freed from the bondage and circle of this suffering. The wisdom of all the three worlds is then attained by these self realized souls. May be one day even I will experience this kind of enlightenment. But as for now, I am happy with my simple life and theses sudden incidents of awe. Never before had I ever thought about music binding the human heart with the almighty. If this thing really happened with me, I am sure that there is some unknown phenomenon that guides everything on this planet. It can’t be visually manifested but can only be spiritually felt. I hope to feel such special instances more often.


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