The discussions on India’s diversity have become a very common thing and we can never end up the talks on the different shades of India and its people. India can never be explored fully and always there would be something that every expeditionary would miss out on. The first and foremost thing that excites foreigners and Indians alike is the intertwining of so many mythologies and symbolism with respect to religion and story telling. The inter-cultural learning that happens in the country is another splendid feature. People living abroad never understand how so many people representing hundreds of different cultures, tastes, thinking and conditioning come together and help in the development of the country. India indeed functions in more or less, a magical way. There are groups within the major segregations and each of these groups has their own distinctive features. There is so much of vibrancy in each of them and they live their life on their own terms. This is the thing that sets them apart and there is formation of an altogether new identity. What makes me wonder about India as a nation is the existence of so many languages and still the ability of people to communicate in the absence of a single common language. The force that binds us together is something omniscient and we cherish its protective hands on us. Not only the people but even when we talk about its natural treasures, India stands out from the others. We have all the natural diversity present that sets India in the frame of a perfect tourist destination. Such is the exclusiveness of our country. But wait; is this the only real India? Obviously not. Even in this beautiful and exceptionally carved country, you will find the malice coming out of human greed and envy. There is corruption, pollution, dirty politics, religious fanaticism and the list goes on and on. But in spite of all this, India has made for itself a different platform on the global picture. The enthusiasm that is found here with respect to living life is worth appreciating. Still, it does not go without saying that India as a country has to yearn collectively in order to make India develop holistically. So that was the dose for today.

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