This is the most abused and clichéd idiom I have ever heard. Then why am I using it again? I’m using it again because even after battering this statement so much, we haven’t really understood or rather choose not to understand the essence of it. The culture of identifying certain people as beautiful and others as not is so much ingrained in our minds that we are unable to dissent from it. We usually judge people on the basis of their physical appearance and never even make a conscious attempt towards changing this attitude. Are looks so important to everyone? People, who don’t conform to societal expectations, are discarded and not accepted easily. The kind of humiliation these people have to undergo is very disheartening and strong. They contribute in the development of that person’s personality and most of the time, they work negatively for them. It affects their self confidence and makes them doubt their own strengths and areas of expertise. The things at which they are good at begin to make no sense for them as they are worried of that one single thing because of which their own people disown them. Thus, this leads to the killing of the creative force inside that person. This fad for being beautiful according to the hopes of the society is created and nurtured by none other than the media. It portrays such a bad example for its audiences and affects their morale. Thus it is misinterpreting the concept of beauty and its beholder. People when they fall into their traps end up being the helpless puppets in their hands. And from here, this never ending aspiration to become one among the crowd starts emerging. I don’t understand why looks are so important? Let the talent of a person just speak for him. Let people do things that they are good at. Beauty can be observed in many other ways. This is a personal choice and I feel that every person is a miracle on earth and therefore he or she is beautiful in their own way. Let us break ourselves from the hold of these traditional shackles. Let’s just try to change perceptions and start a new day on this planet.

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