The sound of truth is silence. Sounds nonsensical? Our experience with the external, the outer world happens only when they come in contact with our sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin), but this experience is peripheral in nature. We never look at what’s happening within us, the internal world. In order to look at the core of our existence, the internal truth, we have to go deep inside, to dive into that ocean of silence which transcends not only our sense organs but our mind as well. So it can be said that this path, or this way of life is nonsensical in nature.

Consciousness is subtle, delicate enough to lead us on to the frontiers spread around a never-ending space of nothingness – a space that accommodates arguments, philosophies, science and everything else that exists under the Sun. The moment we talk, we begin this never-ending journey. A voyage which bears not much fruit yet strips us off not only from all our strength but eventually our body as well. Masters say that it is impracticable to define that which perpetually exists in the realm of the unknown (it is one, but many), and that even the unknown is a never-ending space, but a positive one, a mystery, an experience. For some this eternal bliss is God, and for some it is the space of super-consciousness. Some really don’t care about it, and some don’t even acknowledge it. This is why they say that the moment you talk about it, the moment you utter, it is lost. It exists in silence, when both mind and body are still in perfect equilibrium, when there is no chaos only perfect knowledge.

Because we cannot talk about perfection, we can only allow it to evolve naturally. We can only allow it to pass through or manifest itself through intuition. It just happens, we cannot make it happen.

We can grow in spirituality, but if we wish to be born of spirit, if we wish to truly baptize ourselves, transfigure or transform ourselves completely, then we can only let it happen naturally. Growth in spirituality is the experience of knowing more and more about the true spirit, but to be born out of it means to become the spirit, to become the knower. The spiritual womb that we carry has to be impregnated with right knowledge. The moment this happens, God or nature starts working in us, and if we co-operate, we enter into a deepest union with the reality. A union so holy, so sanctified, that the material is transformed into the immaterial, the divine. This is the greatest miracle that any human being can witness. There is nothing that is more miraculous that this. There cannot be for this is the ultimate, the peak, the summit of everything.

The minute we enter God, we cease to exist. We exist because we think we do. Our mind makes us think that we’re the body. This attachment is deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Breaking away all the fetters is not easy, but the moment God pierces into us, what we call body and mind are completely dissolved into him and the ego we carry is totally and utterly shattered. It is truly a return to the source, a journey back to where we belong.With birth, we enter into a cave infested with demons. The demons make us believe that they are trying to help us, but that is not the case. They misguide and then subsequently overpower and control us, and very quickly we give up the possibility of knowing what exists outside the cave. Then, the cave becomes the reality for us and everything else just an illusion. The demons laugh at our foolishness, and we continue to listen to them for advice, thereby proving our imprudence.

But everything is not lost as yet, because there are some, very few, who understood, who understand and will understand that the darkness of the cave cannot be the truth. They understand that something is not right and that darkness in reality is ignorance. They work day and night incessantly and after long and ardent hours of work, they eventually find the way out of the cave. The moment they come out, they see the light. This moment is so ecstatic and profound that they wish to share it with those who are still trapped inside the cave. So they go on shouting at the top of their voice about the beauty they have witnessed. But the people inside go about doing things under the influence of darkness and ignorance.

Sometimes those who have seen the light come inside the cave once again out of compassion and benevolence. The demons still exist, but they can’t fool them because they have known the light and have become one with it. There is something about them because of which we listen to them and treat them with respect, but that is all we do. They want us to follow them so that we can come out of our unawareness. We like to hear them speak, but we don’t walk on the path. All we do is form philosophies and dogmas around what they say and subsequently try to show ourselves to be more learned and holy and safe than others. There are many roads to go out, but the truth, the light is one without a second. The question is whether we’re ready or lazy enough to get up, take up our mat and walk out of our bondages.

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