We come into this world, we stay with our beloved, we cry, we laugh, we get happy, we get sad, we get angry and we accept life as it comes to us. But all of this that happens with the mortal body can be witnessed by us. However, once the body leaves the soul, what happens to the soul. There is no answer to this. Science has touched unimaginable heights but still there is some hidden truth which it can never find. Such is the complexity of this universe and its infinite elements. Every religion has something different to talk about life after death. These religious concepts have evolved over a period of time. As it is not possible to determine the credibility of these concepts, people have chosen to follow and believe them without debating over them. But are we so vulnerable to these irrational religious teachings? This question is quite relevant in today’s world. According to Christian faith, after death there is eternal life and union with God, the father. In simple words it means that we go back to our God in heaven. Hindu scriptures explain that after death, we are judged on the basis of the number of sins we have committed and this would decide whether we are sent to heaven or hell. In hell, people are punished according to the nature of their sin. These concepts have become so popular with people that they have become the ultimate truth for them. We need to change this attitude and seek the truth. But sometimes I sit and think that why should we think about something that is not present now. First let us learn to live. Let us become self realized individuals and contribute in our own ways to this big jig saw puzzle of life. Only when we achieve success in fulfilling the purpose of our being, will we die in peace.


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