The title of this article is a cliché. We all know that it’s the name of an album by Enigma. I haven’t got the legal rights from this band to copy their work. But it won’t make any difference to either you or me. So let’s just forget about it and go ahead with what I have to share with you today. Even my thoughts traveled in the direction of the song writer. I came to a point where I started my reverse journey of life. Although I am just 18, I got to learn a lot of things from my life experiences. But according to me, the one phase that should serve as the perfect example of living life is childhood. The magic that is hidden in this period is irrevocable and sacred. As children, we are miles away from the real truth of our society. We believe that all people in the world are good and that the world is free from all tension. We are true at heart and honest at our work. But as we grow old, along with our body even our innocence seems to decay and we turn into selfish, indifferent, robotic, heartless, money seeking animals. Do we become so inhuman? Why do we lose our innocence? There is just one answer to these questions. We become more and more self-centered as our minds develop and our ego comes in the way of our childlike nature. Even in the religious scriptures it is written that unless you become like small children, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Thus, we need to come out of this egoistic boundary so that we turn out to be better individuals. Just imagine if everyone in this world were to be blessed with a childlike heart. Human civilization then would have been showered with uncomprehending grace and the entire world would have been different. However, this would never happen and all of us are aware of the truth. The world survives on the strength of hope. So we can just hope for this world to become a better place to live in.

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