Lockdown Diaries – Activity 1

My first attempts in 27 years at sketching

The Final Flight – Part 3

I didn't know what to do. Should I be a good citizen and take the matter to the police or be a good human and save the girl ? But then these were insane people who wouldn't think even once before slaining me to one of their deities. I couldn't ask help from my predatory... Continue Reading →

The Final Flight – Part 2

I was unable to fathom what I had just seen. At home, the drama unfolded again but this time I did not resist. The asshole just unzipped and began his routine: only this time he failed to assault my soul. I had become stunned. The entire scene refused to leave my mind. The girl pinned... Continue Reading →

The Final Flight – Part 1

Everyday is a nightmare for me at work as I hurriedly enter the cabin only to listen to a swarm of not so good adjectives being hurled at me mercilessly by my boss while I still struggle with my unkempt hair and bruises on my lips that give me agony every time I try to... Continue Reading →

Echo of the Heart

To be upset is an emotion, it goes awayBut what do you do when you start feeling hopelessWhen you find youself falling deeper and deeper in a pit The noises of everyone around getting bleaker and bleakerYour senses grappling to find sense with your surrounding Monotony then hides the rainbows of lifeYou seem to cry... Continue Reading →

How to get Rid of Nausea During Pregnancy

Being a mother is the purest feeling in the world. But the nine months towards its preparation are not easy. Nausea affects almost two thirds of all pregnant women in the first trimester. But do not let it come in the way of your bonding. Here are simple home remedies and advice for all pregnant women struggling with morning sickness, in other words, nausea.

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